Official Polar Plunge Kansas
Swag Station

Raise more money earn more Polar Bear Bucks!

Raise $30-74
Earn $5

Raise $75-149
Earn $10
Raise $150-299
Earn $20
Raise $300-599
Earn $50
Raise $600-1199
Earn $80
Raise $1200-1499
Earn $120
Raise $1500-2499
Earn $150
Raise $2500-3249
Earn $220
Raise $3250-4999
Earn $300
Raise $5000 or more
Earn $500


Contact SOKS Senior Vice President of Development Luke Schulte via email at or phone at 620-408-4450.

Statewide Partners

Raise more for Special Olympics Kansas athletes and get more Polar Plunge Swag for yourself!

2019 Official Swag Station Items

Buy any of these items on Plunge day with cash, credit/debit or Polar Bear Bucks!

(colors and availability are subject to change)


What are Polar Bear Bucks? How do I spend them?

Polar Bear Bucks are the official currency of the Special Olympics Kansas Polar Plunge Swag Station!

To participate in fun runs at Polar Plunge events you must raise at least $30 and to take the plunge you must raise at least $75. We know you want to make an even greater difference for the lives of thousands of SOKS athletes by raising even more and we want to reward your efforts!

When you raise money for SOKS you will be raising Polar Bear Bucks for yourself – up to $500 worth! See the list on the left side of the page to see how much you can earn!

When you check in on Plunge day you will receive your Polar Bear Bucks. Then you can head over to the Official Swag Station and check out all of the goodies we have for sale (see below). Pick out what you want and pay for it with your Polar Bear Bucks.

See something you want that costs more than you have? No problem! We take cash and plastic too! So if you want a $150 item and you have $120 in Polar Bear Bucks you can use all of your Bear Bucks and then pay the additional $30 in cash or credit/debit card right there!

The great thing is the Official Swag Station is open to the public so your friends and family members who come to cheer you on while you take the plunge can purchase items with cash or card too!

Polar Bear Bucks cannot be redeemed for cash but can be donated back to SOKS without being used.